Kinesiology  |  Herbal Medicine


Commitment package

Prepay three 90 min sessions for $380 (Save 10%)

With this package you commit to 3 x 90 min sessions to work with me in improving your health and wellbeing. These sessions will focus on your goal and help you fast track improved health and lifestyle.

Relax Jaw Muscles (TMJ) package

3 kinesiology sessions; one 90 min and two 60 min session – $300. Save $40

This kinesiology package checks and balances all the muscles that are connected to your jaw.  Best suited for people suffering from the following issues: clicking sounds by the jaw, grinding, jaw lock,  clenched jaw or indiviuals who’ve undergone a lot of dental work.  The jaw is a store house of emotions and so we find all underlying emotions relating to your physiological issues.

Just wanted to let you know that my digestion is also better and I don’t seem to be as inflamed with wheat. The only thing I’ve done differently is the jaw balances.  Very happy.  Jessica from Darlinghurst

Single Kinesiology sessions

90 mins – $140 (All first appointments must be 90 mins)

60 mins – $100

45 mins – $75 (applies to children appointments only)

75mins Skype sessions – $125  available for those based out of the Sydney area.

Thanks so much for the kinesiology session and your healing insight . It helped me a lot.  Cheryl from Cremorne

‘Balance your chakras’ balance

1hr – $110

Chakras are the energy centers that exist along your spinal cord, within your auric field. They each have a specific function and each also relates to a specific set of organs in the body, as well as emotions and psyche.  Physical and psychological imbalances usually show up in a person’s energy field long before their symptoms are noticeable in the physical body. Why should you balance your chakras? Some of your chakras maybe over-active and some of them maybe blocked or under-active. Your energy body is directly influenced by your consistent thought patterns, just like your physical body is directly affected by your diet.

LifePath Discovery Package

What are you meant to be doing in this lifetime? More.