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    Magic in a book

    We are almost at the end of 2016 and I want to share with you a little secret.  I have found the magic formula to making many of my wishes come true.  Want to know what it is?

    It’s creative goal setting! Crazy right?

    • “80% of people have no goals.”
    • “10% of people think of goals, but do not write them down.”
    • “Just 4% of the population write their goals down.”
    • “Just 1% of the population write down their goals and regularly review them.  And that 1% are among the highest achieving people in the population!”.

    When I first read the above statistics it made me pause.  And then it made me think, I wanted to be in the 1% of highest achieving population of people!

    In the past I have tried, very unsuccessfully, to set goals for myself and KPIs for my business.  I have used templates and spreadsheets and the process was boring, uninspiring, and to be honest, a little stressful.  I would always feel guilty that I wasn’t motivated to set out to achieve what I said on paper that I wanted to do.

    Then I came across the Create Your Shining Year Life & Biz Workbooks by Leonie Dawson and I fell in love with the goal setting process.


    Aren’t they pretty?!

    As someone whose kinesiology work is based on client’s setting goals so they can make positive changes in their lives, this is the perfect resource.  I can honestly say these books have helped me enormously and I’ve achieved a lot more in the last couple of years than I ever thought possible.

    I love how the workbooks make goal setting really fun and creative.  The pages are full of pictures and colour while still asking the important questions; for example, what total income do you want to achieve in x year, how many customers do you want to have on your books, what will you do to reach these targets etc.  I think the arty layout helps me come up with more ideas too.  The workbook for your personal life is amazing in the way it makes you consider what you want to do with your own time, how you want your home to look/feel, what activities you’ll do, and so on.

    Leonie’s workbook fans go stationery crazy and buy a huge selection of gel pens, metallics and sharpies to fill it out with colour and style.  I confess I’ve also gone a little crazy on pen purchases and now own more pens and textas than my 8 year old daughter!


    Me, a glass of red, gel pens and setting goal in the sunset at home.

    Don’t be deceived by this picture, I own many more pens…

    There is also a great Facebook group around the workbooks which you can join to get ideas, feel even more inspired and connect with like minded people.

    I have well and truly kissed goodbye those boring “Set your goals for the year” templates featuring a table with headings.

    I cannot wait for my pre-ordered 2017 workbooks to arrive.  They should be here any day now!!

    If you’d like to order these for yourself or as a Christmas present for someone else, follow this link*
    They sell out fast so if this has resonated with you, get some quick smart.

    *As a participant of Leonie’s program, I do receive some benefits (and some lovely karma) if you use my links to buy these products….just so you know.

    For more info on the workbook visit:

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